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In the Internet marketing labyrinth, there are very few focal points. For so many years, we’ve worked with a complicated and complex tool belt: email messages, social media promotion, Google AdWords. And of course, our personal favorite, inbound marketing and organic SEO.

When a north star appears, marketers rejoice. With Amazon consulting, we have more than just another marketing tool at our fingertips. In fact, this new service is the 21st Century version of the California Gold Rush. No doubt there is a heap of businesses jumping on the wagon.

We’re proud to announce that we too are moving into the realm of Amazon consulting. Not because it’s where all the cool kids are hanging out. We’re not talking about another online marketing buzzword that will dissolve like sugar in coffee.

We’re doing this, in part, because cultivating success means implementing Amazon optimization strategies that pleases both human beings and search algorithm robots.

You see, Google started something when they engineered technology that measures relevance and predicts audience engagement. The search engine created such an impressive measuring stick of quality that other marketing giants had to adopt their model.

Amazon is no exception.  It’s another entity that requires the hands-on experience and grunt work involved with Google and other search engines just tweaked a bit.

“So what is Amazon consulting anyway?”

Amazon is that tiny little company. You know, the one who just purchased Whole Foods and has turned “shop until you drop” into “click until you’re sick.” I mean, the website has all but restructured the way we do commerce.

And that means us Internet marketing people have to help other business owners get in on their algorithm-optimizing game. With Amazon consulting, we’re giving our people a compass that helps them navigate the Internet marketing labyrinth. This isn’t just a tool—it’s a way to rise above the hedges.

One facet to master is Amazon algorithm. Other considerations include being on top of every boring piece of logistics that, let’s face it, you might not have the time to deal with. First party selling, third party selling, product titles, social proof, product descriptions—really, the list is as long as my forearm.

“OK, I get it. Now what’s that you said about Amazon optimization?”

For years, I’ve stood on a soapbox and espoused the paramount importance of satisfying Google’s ever-changing algorithms. But SEO is not only changing, it’s also growing. And has been for some time.

Now that Amazon is the dominating retailer (so much so that JC Penny, Macy’s, and Kohl’s are shutting down stores), they are a key player in the ecommerce optimization equation. As someone who’s been helping businesses become more visible on the Internet for a long, long time, I know a thing or two about how to get a product right in someone’s line of vision.

Amazon SEO (more broadly, eCommerce SEO) involves:

  • Knowing the differences between Google and Amazon optimization.
  • Understanding page mechanics and gallery views.
  • Writing product names and descriptions in a way that encourages your products hit the top of the results pages.
  • Improving performance factors like pricing once prospects get your product in front of them.
  • Encouraging authentic reviews after users purchase.
  • Using the most sophisticated tools (stuff like Sellics, MerchantWords, Scientific Seller, et al.)

I’d like to be upfront about my experience with helping in the Amazon realm. I’ve just started. If there’s one thing I don’t like about sales talk, it’s that I see so much marketing content that automatically qualifies someone as an expert who can change your world in a matter of minutes.

My defacto self-tagline is that I’m not an expert. I mean if you were, what else would or could you learn? I like the idea of staying hungry for knowledge, always craving more information.

I spend most of my time speaking with clients, optimizing their sales pages, meeting deadlines, and working tirelessly to exceed expectations and deliver results. I love what I do, working every day at my trade. May not be the best prescription for everyone.

Are you rolling the dice with a rookie? Well, sort of. You’re working with someone who has rolled out a new service, but rest assured, I’m an old timer when it comes to Internet marketing. (I’ve been around since the days of MySpace and Lycos popularity.)

And I’m always learning new things. Fortunately with you, when you work in Amazon consulting, you don’t have much of a choice. I’m here to help you find your way out of the labyrinth. Let’s walk through it together.

Learn more about our new Amazon Consulting services.

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