11 Online Questions for the New Babies of 2012

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A new member of the Mouse & Man team has just arrived. Everyone meet Graham Everett Sexton.


He arrived just in time to see a bit 2011. Graham has all his fingers and seems like a healthy, normal baby.

Here are some questions though going through my mind:

  1. Will you learn to type the alphabet or write it first?
  2. How much of your education will you receive from a LCD screen?
  3. When will you make your first Facebook post?
  4. How many digital photos will be taken of you this year? Looks like 375B will be taken this year.
  5. How many times will your identity try to be stolen?
  6. How many hours will you spend in front of a computer screen?
  7. What will your first tweet look like?
  8. Will you (sadly) ever use a mouse?
  9. When will you get your first phone? What will it look like, the iPhone 14? And what rationale will be used to get it, safety, convenience, texting, driving your car or something else that doesn’t exist now?
  10. Will your interact more with your friends in person or online?
  11. Will you just bypass all this technology and go back to the olden days of wooden teeth and wigs? If you did, know that we’d support you 100%. Just want you to be healthy and happy.
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  • Tom Adams

    I don’t know how old Graham will be when he makes his first facebook post, but I can tell you how old must claim to be. I think you have to be 13 or so to have an account on Facebook and lots of other web sites.

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