2014 SEO and Internet Marketing Predictions

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By this time of the year, a metric ton of blogs will make their big 2014 predictions for algorithm shifts, trends, and effective SEO strategies. Once 2015 rolls around, we can all look back and see who was right, and who owes us betting money.

I’d like to say that I’m above the fray, but I don’t dedicate my business energy to helping small business become visible on the Internet because I don’t have any insight.

Let me take out my SEO crystal ball.

Disclosure: this year, I think we all need to take a step back from Google predictions. While it’s important to know what’s coming around the bend, Google is generally transparent about what we can expect.

Really, I’m more interested in what will happen for Internet Marketing as a whole. In the coming year, I think we’ll see some major changes in how we communicate with our individual markets.

Social Media: Eh, Who Cares?
Facebook has teamed up with Microsoft. But this collaborative giant still won’t trump what Google has going for it. Since Mr. Zuckerburg has partnered with Bing to implement a search function on Facebook, what will Google do? I don’t think they’ll really care all that much.

And here’s why: the search engine mega-machine has already played the social media card with Google Plus. True, it’s not nearly as popular as Facebook, but they have other mountains to summit.

Call Me Crazy: AdWords Won’t Matter All That Much
Yes, Google makes oodles of cash off of their AdWords. Billions of dollars in revenue come streaming in from companies who want more visibility. The problem here is that this is the opposite of what Google stands for.

You can shell out half your income on Google AdWords, but ultimately it’s organic search results and relevant content that makes the difference. You’ll see a real need for fresh content in 2014.

Create Content that People Need
Peguin 2.0 cracked the whip on Black Hat SEO. No more duplicate content. No more irrelevance that’s engineered with keyword-stuffed websites. 2014 will prove that good content is here to stay.

Google gives people results they expect to get. They pride themselves on that idea, and that’s why this trend will officially become a benchmark of search optimization.

People Will Want Content They DON’T Expect
Seems counter-intuitive, but this is a strong point we need to consider as SEO people and Internet marketers.

I predict 2014 will see a new kind of marketing. I’m not prepared to predict what that marketing will look like. Sufficed to say, it’s going to be the kind of content and messaging that no one has seen before.

Whether or not Google will reward unique marketing efforts is still up for some debate. Bottom line: when it comes to Internet marketing in 2014, we’ll see the best kind of marketers break the traditional template.

People will offer fewer webinars, because they’re no longer unique.

Business owners will approach blogging in a completely different way.

Say what you will about the fear of change, but people crave new ideas and fresh ways of thinking.

Mr. Jobs said it best: Think Different.

And difference is what will create Internet marketing success in 2014.

Now with all these predictions made, I invite every reader to come back to this blog at the end of next year. If I’m wrong, I won’t mail you a check, but I will freely admit to my crystal ball shortcomings–I may need to take the damn thing back to the magic shop.

Tell me, what do you think is going to happen in 2014? All of your marketplace predictions–SEO, Internet marketing, and other clairvoyant visions–are welcome in the comments.


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