2017 SEO Predictions

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2017 SEO Predictions

Don’t you wish Moses had carved search engine optimization best practices into the Tablets of Sinai? I’m sure most digital marketers and small business owners feel that way. Unfortunately, there’s nothing permanent or sacred about how Google measures the quality of your website and marketing content.

When it comes to SEO rules, everything is subject to change.

Good news is that SEO algorithm changes mean we get to make 2017 SEO predictions. If you’re reading this, you’re either…

  1. A huge nerd who studies search optimization and wants to argue with me about deep crawl, back links, and quality content.
  1. You’re a small business owner with a website. And you want to make sure you stay visible online and relevant to your customer base.

Either way, I’ve got exactly what you need. Let’s look into the SEO crystal ball.

Prediction 1: SEO Remains King

Yeah, you’ve most likely heard that famous Bill Gates quote, “content is king.” That’s the ringing truth about online visibility. However, since content is so paramount, SEO will always remain its equal.

Why re-express the utmost importance of quality optimization? Well, we’re not doing it just because we’re an inbound marketing and SEO firm. We’re doing it because the facts dictate it. In fact, take a look at this scary statistic:

93% of online ventures begin with a search.

(Source: imFORZA)

Because the bulk of your traffic will find you via search engines, it’s crucial to know what’s coming down the pike.

Prediction 2: Google Will Make At Least One Major Purchase

Google will grow. Yes, the search engine is already a giant, but 2017 will bring yet another growth spurt.

If you haven’t heard the news, Twitter is thinking about putting itself up for sale. One of Twitter’s suitors is Google. Imagine how much more powerful the search engine will become after it acquires one of the top three social media networks.

I bet it happens. In fact, I bet Google buys more than Twitter. When you’ve already become the biggest, how do you continue to grow? Surely, there is a ceiling at some point, some end to success and growth?

The way Google sees it, they want a bigger sandbox, but they are already the beach. So to continue their growth, they’re changing their composition. They’ll no longer be the sand—they’ll start buying the ocean and the clouds.

In other words, the search engine will become a completely new entity. Can you think of how entrepreneurs would conduct operations if, let’s say, Google and Apple combined?

Sure, that’s the stuff of monopolistic nightmares, but it could happen.

In fact, the only thing that can stop Google is Google itself. They’re not going anywhere but up, unless they themselves decide to downsize.

Here’s what that means for you: if Google owns it, they’ll reward you for using it.

Prediction 3: Video Becomes a Measuring Stick of Quality

Video is going to become a huge gold star for Google spiders. When the search engine evaluates your content, they’ll pay close attention to how users engage with your video content—i.e. how long they watch and whether or not you have enough on your website.

With the popular rise of its live video feature, Facebook has begun to promote ads that encourage sharing real-time feeds. Check this out:

In fact, video is now the second most prominent button in Facebook’s navigation. They’re pretty serious about how many people use it. In this way, Facebook is predicting Google’s proclivity for video.

Even though Zuckerberg’s famous time vortex is still on top of the social media mountain, Facebook is not willing to risk being usurped.

Prediction 4: Spiders Measure Mobile Load Times

The faster your website loads on various pocket-sized gadgets, the higher Google will rank it. Accelerated mobile pages will be a key factor in organic search. Bottom line.

Prediction 5: Google Will Crack the Whip on Distracting Ads

How many times have you hit the back button after a particularly obnoxious ad stops you from seeing the content you want? I’ve done this at least four times today already (and it’s not even noon yet.)

Those flashy ads and timed splash screens? Those are about to bite the dust.

Google wants you to have a good user experience. They want your customers to have a good user experience, too. And quality UX won’t happen when ads are distracting.

Unless, of course, these are Google ads themselves. I’m sure they’d be OK with that.

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