3 Ways to Consider “Business Karma” When Networking

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What is “business karma” and how can I get it?

3 Ways to Consider Business Karma

So, you’ve joined the groups, you’ve shown the real you, you’ve made some new friends, but how does all of this help you professionally? Your next step is just as important to networking as the steps before.

Above all else, your job is to demonstrate your value to the group.

Try to keep the term (that we just made up and should probably coin!) “business karma” in the back of your mind. We describe “business karma” as volunteering your professional talents and seeing the universe repay you in career success!

  1. Don’t just show up for the free finger foods. Clearly, that’s bad for business karma.

Mouse and Man Networking Don'ts

  1. Tell your story. We recently discussed how important is to listen to others in your group and develop relationships—but once you’ve done that, it’s also important to tell your own story. Make sure people know who you are and what you do. Be able to articulate your value and the service you can provide or need you can fulfill.


Mouse and Man Networking Tips-- Share Your Story

  1. Get involved! Don’t just tell people what you can do, show them! Become a member of a committee, or volunteer your time or expertise. If you’re type A and live and die by spreadsheets, offer help in areas where your group may need more organization.   If you’re an artist, paint something beautiful to be used by the group or auctioned off at an event.  Use your talents and let people know about them.  Networking is no time to be bashful or modest. In this case people DO like a show-off!

Mouse and Man Networking Tips-- Get Involved!


You can have tons of great relationships within your group, but if people don’t know that you’re good at what you do, they won’t think to recommend you.

Mouse and Man-- Business Karma is Real




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