Agency Hiring Checklist

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Agency Hiring Checklist

We need to talk about agency hiring. OK?

When it comes to small business, most every guru and entrepreneurial strategist touts the beauty of freedom. Truth is, that claim is a half truth. And the four-hour workweek claim, well, that’s a zero truth.

That said, you do have the leeway to make decisions and disrupt your marketplace. But you can’t do everything yourself.

The solution: working with an agency that makes life easier and gives you more time to, you know, not spend countless hours draining your energy.

Mouse and Man came into existence as small- to medium-sized firms needed online visibility. Our clients’ varying skillsets provided their unique customer bases with valuable products and services. However, no prospect would learn about these offerings without higher search rankings and audience engagement.


Our clients are talented. But amid multiplying responsibilities, they don’t have the time to keep up with the ever-evolving labyrinth of SEO, SEM, and inbound marketing. We made ourselves available to handle the grunt work. And we’re proud of our services to businesses large and small.

As we talk to decision makers, CEOs, and solopreneurs, we find that there is a major issue industry leaders face. One looming question…

How do you hire the right agency?

As we’ve written about before, small businesses all play within a giant B2B sandbox. The question is about what to look for in inviting someone to build the castle with you.

We’ve got your back. Here’s our checklist for agency hiring that results in compounding ROI.

Work with agencies with skillsets that compliment your needs.

Sounds like a no-brainer. But you’d be surprised at how many enterprises work alongside agencies that don’t mesh with their unique needs. You’re looking for a peanut butter and jelly scenario, not sardines and toothpaste.

When businesses seeks us out, they typically…

  • Have an online presence that isn’t working.
  • Need to engage their customer base with relevant content.
  • Don’t have time to mess with SEO.
  • Rank low on Google results and need to improve organic search traffic numbers.

If they already have an in-house SEO expert, or they have no interest in creating an online marketing strategy, it’s best they don’t work with us. As you begin an agency partnership, think about your own needs first, and choose based on how the services coincide with those goals.

Work with agencies that do not match your wheelhouse.

Complimentary services will help you check off your objectives. And ego may get in the way of that. It’s difficult to admit your shortcomings, yet it’s a vital practice if you’re going to create a profitable business model.

As you seek out the right agency, choose from a list of businesses that can add something wholly new and transformational to your bottom line. For example: technology developers rarely know the first thing about marketing. SEO people aren’t necessarily well-versed in the latest copywriting techniques.

Even though these examples are very much related to one another, X does not always equal Y. At Mouse and Man, we know what we’re good at. And just as important, we know where we need help. So we seek out agencies that fill gaps in our resume.

We suggest you do the same.

Choose agencies that do no fear failure.

If you look at any successful work portfolio, there is an element that you do not see: the trial and error that lead to stellar results. The thing about any business venture is that it’s always a process of discovery. Finding out what works and discovering what doesn’t.

It’s nearly always an educated guessing game. And failure is a tremendous—essential, really—part of that process. As you’re putting your feelers out there, make sure to ask about failures. If you hear about 100% success on the first try, then you’re dealing with an agency that isn’t telling the truth, or offers boring and cookie-cutter solutions.

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Choose the egoless option.

Agency selection is not about an individual business. Not yours and not theirs. Any partnership, if it’s any good, will be project-centric. Sharing a big picture goal and building the ladder rungs to get there—this is the make-or-break factor in working with others.

Every bit of innovation, creativity, and technical knowledge should be applied to the project. Leave the ego out of it, and you’ll go far.

Want to talk about partnering up? We’re game.

Drop us a line.       


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