How Corporate Art Creates More than One Kind of Profit

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Corporate art is more than the Merrill Lynch bronze bull or the Norman Rockwell painting hanging in your dentist’s office.  The practice of creating art in a business space stretches beyond branding. In truth, corporate art generates profit…and more than one kind of it.

When Mouse and Man works with clients—both corporations and small businesses—we hear a long list of needs, some of which go beyond our expertise of inbound marketing and SEO.

Talk with almost any business owner, and you’ll hear stories about the need for:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Heightened productivity.
  • Higher employee morale.
  • Continued motivation to complete projects.
  • Inspiration to do quality work.
  • Creativity and intelligence.
  • More teamwork.
  • Less stress.

Oddly enough, the previous list consists of benefits created through corporate art initiatives.

Not everyone who reads this blog knows this: Fred Sexton of Mouse and Man does corporate art. No, we’re not eliminating our inbound marketing, website assessments, or our quest to increase online visibility for small businesses.

However, corporate art helps with these things, too. We’ll explain why in a minute.

Introducing the BUILD Project

Sheil Sexton has offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and right here in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we completed a corporate art project that changed not only the workspace, but also the way the employees enjoyed their jobs.

Through a business art commission, we turned a business into a community within a few hours. Employees brought their families in to work on the project, and together we created a piece of art that now hangs in the Charlotte office.

The result: employees got to know one another better, and worked toward a common goal that didn’t necessarily involve a corporate objective. However, in creating this piece, we actually helped complete several company goals, including…

  • Building a tighter knit team.
  • Increasing employee productivity.
  • Learning about the people who run the joint.
  • Letting families know what mom and dad do all day.
  • Reminding everyone of personal and business values.

You can read more about the BUILD project, look at pictures, and watch videos right here.

Why did a marketing company do a corporate art project?

Earlier, we mentioned how corporate art actually helps with inbound marketing, SEO, and overall online visibility. We weren’t lying. Though a painting in the office won’t directly improve your search engine results or attract your ideal market, this initiative improves team efficiency.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.36.03 PM

And when a team improves, every other objective falls into place. If you were to build your team through corporate art, you’d have a group of people who understand WHY they’re working.

They’ll be reminded that the work they do matters. When it feels as if people are working for a paycheck, creativity and ingenuity falls by the wayside. When stress and fatigue takes over, your productivity, marketing success, and online visibility suffers.

And corporate art fixes this problem.

Why corporate art commissions holistically improve businesses.

“A painting can’t change the world.”

This is the common wisdom, and it’s dead wrong. A piece of art can and will change the world, especially if that work is part of a business’ personality and culture.

Here’s why:

  • Corporate art commission are all about about community. See any number of location-centric murals on the sides of liquor stores, vintage shops, and coffee houses. These pieces make business a staple of a city, something citizens are proud to be a part of.
  • It bridges the huge gap between business and family. When everybody gets to participate, workers and their families gain a finer understanding of each other and grow closer.
  • It makes businesses “less corporate.” While most corporations are designed for the purpose of profit, that’s not the only mission. At least, it shouldn’t be.
  • Art inspires employees. If you work in a drab, lifeless, soul-sucking environment, chances are the product your business creates will look and feel the same to customers.

Luckily, it only takes one day and a little teamwork to change your business forever. Click here for more info.

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