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I recently took a trip to Google NYC, and I learned a valuable lesson while I was there: Google doesn’t give a crap about you.

Okay, Google isn’t a mean-spirited bully, so let me explain why they don’t give a crap about you. When I arrived in New York, I couldn’t wait to take a tour. As I stood at the front desk with my 15 security badges on, the first thing I noticed was that people were a bit standoffish.

Sure, I could say that all these techies were introverts who preferred the company of their laptops, but I think there’s another reason: they don’t give a crap about you.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy my time at Google NYC. In fact, the offices were astounding, and I learned a ton about what the search engine is looking for when it comes to SEO.

So how did I arrive at my conclusion that Google doesn’t give a crap about you?It’s because they don’t need to. Here are 3 reasons why.

Reason #1: they are doing things no one else is coming close to doing.

Google’s business model is unlike any other. Even though they weren’t the first search engine, Google utilized innovative techniques from Doubleclick for Publishers to cloud computing. In a nutshell, the company has every base covered–enough so that other search engines have trouble competing.

So since Google offers businesses and searchers the holy grail of results, their nonchalance is completely embedded in their culture and their thought processes. It’s not that Google doesn’t care, it’s that they don’t have to care to be successful.

Result: Google doesn’t give a crap about you.

Reason #2: it’s their game to lose.

Google is unlike any other company I’ve experienced. In fact, it’s never been more clear that the search engine competition is theirs to lose. With billions in revenue from Adwords and businesses duking it out over SEO, Google will remain on top for years to come. After all, Google is #1 for a reason, and that’s how I arrived at my next conclusion.

Result: Google doesn’t give a crap about you.

Reason #3: They’ve built themselves into a powerhouse.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other search engines gave up trying to compete. With the prevalence of Chrome and the fact that Google is the most common homepage, it’s almost pointless for another search engine to try. Google strived to build this dominance, and they succeeded.

Result: Google doesn’t give a crap about you.

Okay, it’s not so much that Google doesn’t care; it’s that they don’t owe us anything. Since Google is such a powerhouse, SEO experts need to work to fit their criteria, not the other way around.

Fun Fact: I use the word “crap” 8 times in this blog.

In the comments, tell me if you think Google will ever be trumped.

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  • Kevin Lafontaine

    Google will one day be P.O.T.U.S. and we will all be beter off.
    Sometime in the near future Google will cure cancer, eliminaae peas from the planet, fix student loan funding and forgiveness, force collegg basketball players to play all four years, fix a flat tire all before breakfast.
    But truly Google will put Apple in its place. 75 years from now we will be watching a documentary about Google and how they changed the civilization to the likes of Scottt, Rockerfeller, Carrnegie, Edison, Morgan, Tesla, and Ford.

    • Fred

      It’s definitely all for them to lose. Think they can do all those things and a million others.

      What about Lafontaine on the list though!?

  • bnrbranding

    I completely agree – Google doesn’t give a crap about the content producer or SEO practitioner. They do however give a crap about the results they are displaying because that is the core of their dominance. They have fine tuned their algorithm to produce the results that people expect. If you want to be at the top of those results, you better give a crap about what Google has to say.

    The best part is, Google – through Matt Cutts mainly but others as well – are telling us what we need to pay attention to. I am continually amazed when people are surprised that the exact thing Google said turns out to be a major contributing factor in SERP rankings.

    Now you need a follow up blog about what you got to see, I’d LOVE to tour any of the Google facilities.

    • Fred

      This is probably the coolest thing I saw, secret meeting rooms where the shelves swivel around for a secluded meeting room:

      To your point though Brent, I think Google has been tactful in releasing information on what they want people to do which is different from what they’ve always done. Getting closer to each other but still today you’ll hear something that they say that is definitely part of the algorithm that isn’t at all. Can’t blame them though if people are going to just listen (i.e. clean up their act) without them having to follow through with action.

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