How to Fix Your Screwed Up LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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LinkedIn MarketingMarketing your business or company on LinkedIn is an excellent way to build your brand, make connections with others in your field and even to recruit new hires or find qualified businesses to collaborate with. However, since LinkedIn marketing is growing in popularity, many marketers are looking for an easy fix and as a result, are losing their LI accounts for violating the rules. Many might not even know what they are doing is not allowed and that’s why you need to take some time to be familiar with the rules and the community expectations of each social network you try to market on. No one wants a sleazy spammer in their circle of business connections.

Here are just a few benefits to marketing on LinkedIn:

  • Reach a greater audience related to your niche/field
  • Generate leads for your business and traffic to your website
  • Showcase your blog posts and other professional writings
  • Join in groups and communities that share your common interests

However, when you mess up and break LinkedIn rules, you’re going to find yourself booted off the site and just coming back with a new account is not as easy as it is on other networks like Twitter. So first, you need to familiarize yourself with LinkedIn’s User Agreement. While they are not as strict as some networks, they do have some specific rules and etiquette that you will do well by learning right from the start.

So let’s look at some easy ways to screw up your LinkedIn marketing so you can be sure to avoid them:

Connecting with Everyone- whether you know them or not…

It is generally acceptable on Twitter to follow anyone who sounds interesting and while some Facebook users are still strict about their “friends”, many are open to friending you if you have friends or interests in common. On LinkedIn, however, you are only supposed to connect with people you know. It will even ask you how you know this person when you attempt to make the connection. If you are reported to trying to connect with strangers, there’s a good chance you will get banned. To avoid this altogether, make sure you only add people you know and send them a little note with your invite reminding them of who you are. (ie. “We met at that small business convention last August”)

Mass Mailing with LinkedIn Messages- the site is not your personal messenger…

Still another mistake marketers use is trying to use the LI mail system for mass mailings to other members. This is a misuse of services and can have your profile removed from the site. Focus instead on genuine, real messages to members when they apply to your topic. The receivers will appreciate it and you will remain in good standing with the site.

Plastering Your Email Address and URLs Everywhere- there’s a place for that, you know…

There is an appropriate place for your contact info, email addresses and website links. Use them. There is no need to try to place your URL in your name field, for example. It’s seen as spam and it will get you removed and banned. Keep the info where it belongs.

Posting Copyrighted Content as Your Own- stealing is wrong, even online…

Any time that you post content to a LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn Company Page, or on LinkedIn Answers, you must ensure you have the rights to post this content. If you are quoting someone else, use resources and link to the original and don’t copy the entire thing. Presenting copyrighted information as if it was yours is a violation. It’s also bad manners.

Using Bots to Perform Actions on the Site- don’t be lazy when making business connections…

Just like many other social networking sites, LinkedIn is taking a stance against those who use bots to try to get more connections, followers or members. They want you to grow your contacts organically. And honestly, what’s the point in cheating your way through anyway? All those numbers won’t convert if they are “fake” connections.

Have you been doing any of these already? Time to check yourself and get it together if you don’t want to have your account removed.

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