How to Twerk Your Way to the Top

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2013 brought us a new word…


According to the good people at Wikipedia, the etymology of twerk may possibly stem from a combination of “twist” and “jerk.”

Marketing Lessons from Miley Cyrus

And just in case you want to reminded: twerking is that compelling boogie that automatically transformed Hannah Montana from Disney pop queen to a young woman who rides on wrecking balls…

And does so in the buff.

(In case you’re a more visual person, here’s your crash course in twerking.)

Since this year was the year of the twerk, it got me thinking about how Miley Cyrus broke the child star curse–that is, she kept going and sustained her popularity despite her demographics’ fickle purchasing behavior.

And here’s how you can do the same. (Twerking optional.)

To Be Visible, You Have to Stay Visible

Trends come and go. Next year, twerking may evolve into something else entire. And it seems as if Miley’s agents realized this. And perhaps, that is the cause of her transformation.

In the world of SEO, algorithms are anything but consistent. And as a business owner, you have to stay abreast of what prompts greater visibility. That means that transformation is necessary in an consistently changing world.

You Don’t Have to Twerk, but You Do Have to Something Different

Miss Cyrus may look slightly ridiculous with her dance moves; but the take-away here is that she was able to brand herself in a different way. Long story short, it’s hard to keep using the same strategies and stay on top.

Someone will come along with something flashier, and the marketplace will take notice.

I don’t endorse twerking as an effective marketing strategy, but it doesn’t hurt to put your toe in the pool of uniqueness. Or even, like Miley, occasionally do a giant belly flop.

From her perspective though, and to her defense, Hollywood is a dog-eat-dog world swirling around popularity and impression share, and the quickest way to the top is to make the biggest splash.

Said “splash” makes your market think about you, and not simply what you do. Unless you offer hand-woven sweaters that are made specifically at the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro, there is a competitor out there who does something similar to you.

Establish yourself with something that’s completely unique, and your market won’t think “Hey, I really need this [blank] service…”

They’ll think, “I really need to call [your first name.]”

And that’s because you’re twerking doing something different in your specific marketplace.

Think about Re-branding…Really Hard

When it comes to re-invention, you’ll be presented with a real danger. Your customers will have gotten comfortable with the way your business is presented, and you don’t want to break the mold in an irreversible way.

In a sense, Miley rebranded herself. And sure, a bunch of people took notice. But the press has not been kind. Most likely, this uproar manifested because people had grown accustomed to Hannah Montana, not the twerking starlet with a penchant for naked wrecking ball riding.

Stay true to your customers, and your brand will stay in tact, but still be completely different.

Your clients will be happy. Google will be happy. You will be happy.


Hard to prompt a comments question at the end of this blog, but twerking aside, let’s talk about re-invention in the small business world. Well, you could mention twerking if you’d like, but let’s keep it PG-13. Mouse and Man is a family company.

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