The online marketplace is your oyster.

“The online shopping marketplace is your oyster. It’s time to unlock your potential. Our experienced team can help you transform conversations into transactions.

The motto these days is search and click then buy. Mouse and Man goes beyond the lingo to give our clients groundbreaking tools to compete at the top of their market in this highly competitive industry.”

The Top 3 Ways to Grow Your E-commerce Business via Digital Marketing

Paths to Conversion

What is causing customers not to buy? Perhaps something is off with your shopping cart on iPhone 6 Safari browsers. Are others offering free shipping discounts or leveraging online coupons which are leaving you behind? To launch a successful tactic, you first need to understand what your E-commerce data is telling you then we can improve it.

  • Test new pricing strategies to reach higher ROI
  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment through remarketing
  • Maximize first time visitors through landing page optimization


There are plenty of services and programs that will give you tons of data and insights into your website. Understanding how this data translates into customers is complex. Work with a professional E-commerce doc to diagnose your shopping cart illness.

  • User testing can provide unparalleled insights into unknown issues
  • Integrate cost data into your analytics package to get your true ROI
  • Remarket to those who don’t buy with an incentivized offer to checkout

Marketing Automation

Let technology work for you, not the other way around. Save precious time by automating  your marketing efforts and let our team manage the process from beginning to end with our industry leading tools.

  • Intelligent email marketing that builds relationships not just sales
  • Score customers most likely to have larger transaction amounts
  • Encourage brand advocates to share your awesomeness with the world
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