Health & Wellness

The Perfect Prescription: A Content Marketing Strategy.

“More people are beginning to realize the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. They are turning to the web for education and to either start their buying process or validate their assertions.

Mouse and Man uses industry research and digital strategies to make your company stand out from the rest. We help you build a trusting relationship with your clients who are seeking out a better life.

Our team has the perfect prescription: a health and wellness marketing strategy.”

The Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Health & Wellness Business via Digital Marketing

Content Focused

What is the pain point you solve for your clients? How do you identify this pain based on what people are searching for? Answers to both of these questions will help round out your content calendar.

  • Develop buyer personas to understand your brand’s best voice
  • Discover new key phrases by interviewing your paying clients
  • Align overall marketing goals with a detailed content strategy

Thought Leadership

How do you become a celebrity in your industry? Try stepping out of your industry’s common practice in health and wellness marketing to blaze your own trail. Become validated by having your confident assertions accepted as the new normal.

  • Video creation for further engagement and virality
  • Inspire internal leadership to step up and take the lead
  • Create virality with easily sharable and digestible content

Strategic Partnerships

It’s not what you say about yourself…it’s what others say about you. Who you surround your company with says everything about your brand. What kinds of allies would support your company’s goal?

  • Leverage online communities to grow your share of voice
  • Incentivize partner referrals to grow the top of your sales funnel
  • Pitch new partner prospects through link building campaigns
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