Your local community is your foundation

“Even as the global market gets bigger, our communities are becoming increasingly vital to a businesses’ targeted reach. At Mouse and Man we have over a decade of experience living, working and networking in the Carolinas. If your business depends on local interaction it’s important to make it easy for your clients to find your site and understand your business. If your business is looking to put down some roots in the Charlotte area and beyond, we can help you accomplish your goal with authentic engagement. ”

The Top 3 Ways to Grow your Local Business via Digital Marketing

Online Advertising

How can you ensure potential customers know where you are and what services or products you offer? Targeted online advertising is an effective way to reach people already looking for you!


  • Pinpoint specific leads
  • Advertise on sites popular in your customer network
  • See instant results to tailor your advertising language and style

Community Engagement

Whether it’s making a business partnership through a community event or leveraging social media, community engagement can grow your customer base and sustain client relationships. Our social media and PR team can help get the word out to the right people in your business community.

  • Use social media as a listening tool
  • Incorporate rich media on social media platforms
  • Funnel traffic to your site using link building strategies

Customer Relationship

Customers have limitless options, so it’s important to give people a reason to return and engage with your company online.

  • Targeted email campaigns connect you to your customers
  • Turn existing customers into promoters
  • Amp up your business reviews
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