Why Lifestyle Blogging Creates Enviable Marketing Environments

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Why Lifestyle Blogging Creates Enviable Marketing Environments

For several months, the mouse and Man team penned blog articles for a decking company. The business had many stellar qualities. They were eco-conscious. They engaged their market online and offline. And they sold a high caliber product.

Thing is, our articles only mentioned their product in passing. We donned the hat of lifestyle bloggers. Instead of writing content that focused on construction, durability, and finding the right contractor, we wrote about throwing barbecues, drinking cocktails, and enjoying an outdoor wedding reception.

As lifestyle bloggers, we created an enviable marketing environment. We showed the audience what was possible—i.e. the experience that awaited them. The product remained in the background. Sure, the decking material was necessary to transition fantasy to reality, but it was a small part of a larger whole.

And therein lies the essence of lifestyle blogging. Like it or not, this form of native advertising will only grow more popular (and more powerful) in the years to come.

A Brief Case Study on The New Darlings

The New Darlings make me uncontrollably envious.

When the couple sits down to breakfast, the scene looks nothing short of perfect. I look at their photos, and I swear I can hear Coltrane spinning on the turntable. And might I add that the experimental Jazz plays on a stylishly vintage audio setup surrounded by industrial string lights. How posh.

Reading about their travels, meals, and shopping experiences, I feel as if I’m eavesdropping on a witty, giggle-filled conversation.

I mean, how did they fold that omelet so flawlessly? Oh, and is that rosemary goat cheese? OK, really—how can drinking coffee seem so glamorous?


Man, I should get up earlier so I can listen to vinyl while I drink my morning Joe and make toast. (Public service announcement: hold your records on the edges.)

My own mornings are not so bourgeois. And I don’t see much change happening. Married life means you make sure your wife has a towel hanging on the door, so she doesn’t make the neighbors day. Ya know, because she’d have to walk naked and dripping wet past the window to grab a robe. (Cough, cough. Not saying that has ever happened.)

Dog ownership means you’re begging the dog to potty before you’re late. And then there’s making sure the kids have their homework packed.

At least I have my awesome travel mug! But truth is, coffee often runs down my sleeve as I guzzle my go-juice waiting on a bus that’s never on schedule. And that’s because (sigh) I’m not living inside a lifestyle blog.

However, the process works very well. The New Darlings take snazzy pictures, write a little about their day, and plug products that they actually like.

It’s native advertising at its most perfunctory but powerful form.

But What is Native Advertising, Exactly?

It’s invisible marketing.

You read an article about someone’s travels. You start with the desire to hear about a place, and before you know it, you’re looking at the stylish boots the writer casually mentions wearing.

And if you don’t buy those boots, many people will. The marketing flew under the radar. Instead of going on and on about the tread, the leather, and the durability, the writer showed you what the product looked like in action. It wasn’t about the product, per se, but the goal was to turn your attention.

You’ve seen this before, most likely. Flip through New York Times magazine. In the back, you can read an interview with a well-known comedian, political figure, actor etc. You better believe that they might mention their favorite coffee or a book they loved.

Oh, and that string of pearls that actress is wearing? That’s no accident.

But subtlety is not the only attribute of lifestyle blogging and native advertising.

Storytelling Propels Native Advertising

Scene-based storytelling sets the tone for product pitches. As I mentioned earlier, we once penned some blogs for a decking company, and we rarely mentioned the actual deck.

Here’s a snippet:

“There’s nothing like a Fourth of July extravaganza hosted on your  outdoor living space: hotdogs blackening on the grill, a beer or lemonade glass sweating on the table, your friends and family watching the roman candles and sparklers light up the night.

Hey, the day off work isn’t so bad either.

You don’t have to dress up like George Washington (it’s too hot for that). But you can celebrate your love of country in a number of ways. From food to decoration, show your love of the Stars and Stripes with a flag cake made with strawberries, blueberries, and white icing.

Or string up some red, white, and blue lights around your railing. If you’re feeling especially festive, stick some sparkler candles in a cake to celebrate the country’s birthday.”

Bottom line: when you tell stories, you sell a product. While we give advice about SEO and inbound marketing, we also tell you about how our clients fared using those techniques.

One More Thing…

If you’re thinking about becoming a lifestyle blogger, or you’re going to pitch your products to one of them, affiliate connections are part of the game.

We know a thing or two about agency partnerships. And we also know a little bit about native advertising. Give us a call, and we’ll chat about your ideas: 704-412-8489.

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