Net Neutrality: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

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two girls sitting by computerHonestly, you’re lucky to be reading this. Not necessarily because my small business, Internet marketing, and content musings are mind-shreddingly helpful (though I hope that’s your assessment!)

In these times, you’re fortunate to be reading these words because net neutrality is still a constitutional liberty.

If you haven’t heard the net neutrality buzzword, it boils down to this: the Internet is the final frontier of free speech, where human voices speak louder than lobbyists and big-money investors. Yes, the Interwebs can be weird and a little scary, but it’s our place where we call the shots.

In this case, I say “we” as code for startups, entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc. The Internet is our playground—it’s where we attract our target markets, leverage our expertise, and spread knowledge, content, and services that make a lasting impact for our clients.

But that awesome liberty now hangs by a flimsy thread, and the FCC chairman wields a giant pair of scissors. I’d like to share with you a comedic but serious video exposé sums this danger up up flawlessly. Be forewarned, there is a pinch of grownup language and pixelated body parts, but if you’re an entrepreneur who uses the Internet to do business, you’ve got to see this.

What Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers Stand to Lose

Free speech activists, hacktivists, Internet junkies, and small business owners such as yourself are clamoring about net neutrality. And for good reason.

In a nutshell, certain legislation will make the Internet like cable television. Pay this much, and you can access Facebook and Twitter. Pay more, and you can access Netflix. Buy the gold package, and you can see adult content!

See my point?

Let’s talk about how this impacts you as a person who runs a business. If the Internet takes the VIP/velvet rope approach to content access, and you’re not equipped with the bags of cash that Facebook dgfev online casino has, your target market will have trouble reaching you.

No content for them means no sales or growth for you. This goes beyond the realm of free speech, and how it’s the foundational cornerstone of personal liberty and human rights…

It’s about your right to assemble a business that offers helpful goods and services to the world.

So What Can You Do to Stop the Anti-Internet Boogie Man?

Here’s the first thing: visit this website to tell the FCC why Internet gatekeepers will destroy the idea behind entrepreneurship and free speech.

And here’s the second thing: produce some content about it.

As a small business owner, I realize it’s difficult to pipe up about political issues, especially when you’ve got an audience to consider.

But this isn’t a political issue, at least not a divisive one. This is about the power to build a business and spread a message to the people who benefit from hearing it. And if that’s not worth your time, what is?

So: go produce some content about what net neutrality means to you, your customers, and your whole treasure trove ideas. Free speech, level playing fields, and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand, and as industry leaders, it’s up to us to protect all of it.

So stop reading this blog, and go write one.

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