Next Step to Networking: No Sales Pitch Needed

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How being the REAL you sets you apart from the competition in Charlotte

So after reading Google: The Secret Tool to Networking, you’ve found all of the networking events you’re going to attend and the groups you’re going to join.  You show up to your first event or meeting.  Now here is the most important thing you can do. Are you ready for this?

Don’t network.

Yes, you read that correctly––don’t network. Meet people, make friends, and truly listen to people’s stories. Don’t network in the conventional sense.  No one wants to hear your elevator pitch within the first 10 seconds of meeting you. People can tell if you’re only there to kiss hands and shake babies (wait, flip that).

Please don’t rush a conversation then throw your business card at someone as you run off to network with other prospects that are “getting away.”  Be yourself, not your business.  You’re more than just your job. Don’t just tell people what you DO, show them who you ARE.

You’re a member of the Charlotte American Marketing Association, or you take cooking classes at Johnson &Wales, or you participated in Toys for Tots this year––these are all topics that make you unique and illustrate who you ARE.

But one of the most important steps is to “repeat.” Don’t be the traveling salesman, driving through town, never to be seen again.

It’s important that you become a committed member of the group and attend as many meetings as you can.  You’ll have the luxury of taking time to get to know group members and build relationships because you’ll see them at the next meeting, and the one after that.

Remember, building relationships without a canned sales pitch will win people over and help you make more genuine connections.

Stay tuned for a post about how to get involved with a new networking group and become a group leader.

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