Offline Marketing: Yes, It’s Effective

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Blank BillboardMouse and Man is an Internet marketing company that specializes in online visibility and growth, so why the French Toast would we write about offline advertising?

Because it’s still effective.

In some ways it’s more effective than online marketing. (In fact, $26 billion was spent on TV advertisements in 2010).

So dear reader, do yourself a solid and step away from the computer screen for a little local marketing, direct mailing, and other offline methods.

If you need a compelling reason why, we’ll begin with a fun statistic. Digital marketing constitutes only 2% of all advertising, and with a number such as that, there is much room for growth. But there’s a caveat…

Since we’re surrounded with offline marketing, and it’s still highly effective, it would be a bad idea to dismiss the traditional approach.

Why does offline marketing work?

It’s adaptable, and there’s a lot of reach opportunity. For example, how many people drive past a billboard each day? Sure, it’s not targeted marketing, but the advertising will speak to someone out there.

Advertising is wallpaper—sometimes we notice it, and sometimes we don’t. But when we do notice offline marketing, it gives rise to a reaction, whether that’s positive or negative.

And a reaction is the principle goal of marketing. If people shrug their shoulders and carry on, it’s worse than outrage. Sounds catty, but it’s true: an emotional response of any type is 10 times better than invisible and boring marketing.

Of course, a positive reaction is preferred over a negative one. The fear of customer outrage means playing it safe in marketing, and that simply doesn’t work. In fact, the boilerplate approach leads to marketing invisibility.

Here’s the answer…

Find an alternative route in your offline marketing.

Use a skywriter if you have to. Get a tattoo on your face (or pay someone desperate to do it.)

Off- and online marketing share one all-important trait: it’s paramount to be more visible, to rise above the crowd like a pink flamingo in a field of ravens. Marketing works much like entertainment—when something new comes along, sometimes people hate it, but other times people flock to it in a cult-like way.

For example, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were an unusual idea. Talking, bipedal reptiles who wield martial arts weapons and scarf pizza by the truckload? How many paint chips were eaten when that idea came about?

Guess what? The market reacted in a positive way, a very positive way, and that franchise has been successful for about 30 years now.

When it comes to offline advertising (and online) you have to blaze your own trail to be successful. You have to rise above the thousands of voices in that crowded room of marketing.

To get noticed, and to have your audience react, your offline advertising has to be the lone onion ring in a heap of french fries.

If I’m telling the truth here, there’s a risk of failure. But that’s better than playing it safe in offline marketing. It’s better to fail and try again than to be forever invisible…don’t you think?


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