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It’s been a long time since your business reputation hinged on media reports, industry trades or negligible conversations held over cocktails.

The advent of social media and review sites means that anyone online can have input and impact on how your business is perceived. That impact can absolutely affect your brand’s bottom line. Luckily, online reputation management tools have kept up with the times, making heading off a bad turn in your business reputation or changing a negative industry perception less overwhelming. In fact, some make it easy.

Of course, you have to lay the groundwork by producing quality content, using social media responsibly and maintaining a professional website. But these reputation management tools will help you stay on top of all the rest.

1. Google Alerts

Cost: Free.

The most basic thing you need to know in online reputation management is what people are saying about your business. This service easily allows you to do strictly just that, by receiving email alerts. Simply add in your company name or perhaps CEO name as the term you want to track and set how often you want to receive results on new mentions. The results will be emailed to you whenever the terms you set are mentioned.

2. Klout

Cost: Free

Sure Klout is an online influence measure and you can use it as such, but the real value in the tool is managing what topics in which it says your company is influential. If people are +K-ing you in unsavory or unfavorable topics, then you need to control that situation and discover why they are doing so. You can see who did so and try to discover the reason behind it, as well as delete the unwanted topic so it isn’t associated with your brand.

3. Trackur

Cost: Ten-day free trial. Pricing plans start at $27 per month.

Shows you exactly what other people see when searching for you on social networks or Google. The added bonus is it lets you see if these people are influential, making the decision to engage or not easier.

4. BrandsEye

Cost: Two week free trial. Pricing starts at $199 per month.

This tool lets you monitor online mentions, competitive analysis and manage online conversations. Allows multiple users, so practical for those who work on a team.

5. Brandwatch

Cost: Free demo. Pricing available upon request.

This popular online reputation management tool offers powerful analytics and souped up social media management. You can set it to monitor keywords on social networks.

6. Technorati Authority

Cost: Free.

Tracks and measures your blog’s authority influence in its niche, on a scale of 0 to 1000. Lets you sign up for alerts, so you don’t have to log in to look.

7. Whos Talking

Cost: Free

Alerts you when your brand and selected keywords are mentioned on social media, video and images.

Trial Time: Free tool.

8. Netcomber

Cost: Pricing starts $29 per day or $59 per month.

This new tool is different in that it tells you who owns the content and they’re relationship to other sites. It also lets you know as soon as the competition starts to play dirty. Excellent for time leads on response strategy.

While online reputation management is essential, your business may or may not need all of these tools or even to manage all of these aspects. It’s important to focus on the areas that matter to you and work with the tools that offer you the actionable results and insights you need.

What online reputation management tools have worked best for you?

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