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First Google Partners Event

On October 15, Mouse and Man Digital Marketing opened their doors to Charlotte business professionals for a live-stream Google Partners event. Google experts, Allan Thygesen and Fred Vallaeys, provided tips to building your business through online advertising.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Mouse and Man was proud to partner with JB Media for the 2-day intensive Digital Marketing Bootcamp at the Discovery Place Education Studio in Charlotte, NC. Professionals received specialty training in strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, online advertising, online public relations and blogging from JB Media’s experienced marketing educators.

UNC-TV’s Carolina Business

“When people give you money, they’re really investing in you.” Mouse and Man founder, Fred Sexton continues his conversation on UNC-TV’s Carolina Business. He shares the company’s views on fostering client relationships.

Mouse and Man gets some love

Mouse and Man gets some love from professional copywriting service, Copy Doodle and Fred shares his tips for keeping up with the latest SEO developments.

Charlotte Business Journal

The Charlotte Business Journal talks about our founder, Fred Sexton, and Mouse and Man’s whimsical approach to Internet marketing.

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