Problems we Solve

Struggling Sales

Have you noticed a persistent decrease in your website conversion and leads? We use proven digital marketing tactics to push Internet strangers through the buyers’ journey.

Struggling sales are often linked to a lack of relevant and timely content. It’s important to give your audience a reason to explore.Your website visitors should have a clear path to conversion. Without a solid call-to-action, your visitors may not know what to do or where to click next. That experience could leave them frustrated and, ultimately push them away from your business.


Unqualified Leads


As a salesman or business development professional, nothing is more frustrating than wasting precious time and resources on unqualified leads. Stop spinning your wheels on leads that don’t match your budget.

We work with you to develop key buyer personas based on your target audience. Once we’ve identified your core customer base, we use use HubSpot to generate purposeful leads and score the ones you have.

Brand Recognition

The 3 second blink test has failed. The classic marketing example tests your brand’s effectiveness based on your target audience’s ability to identify your business after 3 seconds of seeing your logo or hearing your tagline.

Common pitfalls of ineffective branding include grainy rich media, disorganized promotions, poor quality photography, and sporadic engagement. Businesses without a clear personality and voice struggle in brand awareness. We believe the key to success is clarity and consistency. From your website to your PR campaigns, we streamline your identity. Our team works to tailor a cohesive and authentic marketing strategy to align your company with its goals and KPIs.


Inadequate Traffic


Without visitors your website isn’t working for your company. If your Google Analytics dashboard shows a sharp decline in new visitors to your website, you need to make a change. Inadequate traffic could be related to the ease with which people find your business. We take a blended approach, mixing search engine optimization best practices with targeted online paid advertising.

From an SEO standpoint, we clearly define your target audience and create a custom keyword strategy to begin building content around your product or service offerings.

We provide AdWords campaign management and consulting as well as other online advertising options such as social media paid advertising to boost the amount of visitors to your website.

When to Outsource

We strategize, advise, and execute based on your technical proficiency. We know there are so many roles related to internet marketing, it is hard to do it all in-house. Our experienced team is ready to tackle whatever project your business needs to thrive online.


Digesting Marketing Jargon


Technology has made our lives easier, but understanding how it works and what it means for your business isn’t as straightforward. Lingo in the online business world can be tricky especially with how fast things change.

Our clients are valued partners. We want to ensure everyone understands what they’re paying for. At Mouse and Man, we create straight-forward and informative reports to help you navigate results, determine the impact of the data and set new benchmarks for growth.

Too many cooks in the kitchen

Ever find yourself balancing multiple third party marketing companies and contractors? Too many voices can sometimes turn into a distraction, causing communication to go awry and deliverables to clash. At Mouse and Man, we specialize in a wide variety of Digital Marketing services all in one place.

From PR to SEO, we develop a comprehensive digital marketing solution for your business needs. With over 10 years in business, our experts take control and bring your vision to fruition. Results won’t go unnoticed.


Disconnect when interacting with executives


When there is no data translation, no comprehensive reporting, or concrete results from digital marketing, there is no visible value. This inadequacy can cause a rift in priorities within your company and lead to confusion or doubt from management.

Every decision and task we assign has a measurable ROI attached. Our team not only covers reporting but we weight equal importance on maintaining a reliable and professional line of communication about our value executives.

Under-performing Sales Team

Disconnection between leads and closed business? Inadequate lead handling?

  • Your sales team might have a hard time communicating to the client the value in your service or product.
  • Marketing teams are often underfunded and lacking resources. It’s a growth factor often overlooked by business owners. An ineffective marketing team can have broader negative effects in your business.
  • Is communication complicated between sales and marketing? Is it non-existent?
  • These issues can often be repaired with constructive communication and the implementation of an effective feedback system between sales and marketing activities.
  • Sales is a team sport. We help your business orchestrate, deliver, and measure action steps that will grow your bottom line.

Do you have a way to score your leads to determine when to close business?

  • We help our clients set up lead scoring rules to determine which leads should be a priority for your team.
  • Lead Scoring is a critical component of an effective lead management strategy.


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