How to Seduce with Product Descriptions

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How to Seduce with Product Descriptions

What’s the deal with product descriptions, anyway? Shouldn’t a slick, well-lit photo do the trick? I mean, most buyers are visual by nature. Well, some high-quality photography might get a prospect interested, but the product description seals the deal. To explain, I need to tell you a story.

Standing in a long aisle filled wall-to-wall with every beer a young man could ever want, I am both overjoyed and overwhelmed. There are pilsners, IPAs, stouts, ales, and ciders. I scan the bottles and cans, looking at the artwork and names on the bottle labels.

I feel like the kids gallivanting through Willy Wonka’s chocolate room. But I can’t sample willy-nilly, less I fall (almost literally) into a beer river. So I take to the product descriptions. Reading four or five different bottles, I arrive at the Rhinegeist Peach Dodo. A seductive name, for sure, but let’s see how the copywriter describes the beer’s experience.

This German Gose is bright and frisky, tart and saline, and dances on the palate with punches of peach. Thirst quenching beyond all imagination, Peach Dodo is the finest of liquids for a beach picnic or for making history.


That’s the beer I buy. And at $9.99 for a six-pack, you better believe that I weighed the pros and cons. The product description provided the contract between drink and drinker. Rhinegeist—whoever wrote that, give that person a raise.

Product descriptions heat up warm traffic.

Here’s the thing about digital marketing: it’s not about sales at all. Marketing is about forming a conversation with a person who will already purchase a product. It’s the job of the product description (and other endeavors) to convince buyers that your offering beats out other options.

I was going to buy a six-pack, but I wouldn’t have brought home Peach Dodo without those two sentences. I came in warm. I left hot.

Why did that product description work so well?

It told a story. Really, this can work for any product. In fact, wicker furniture has a beautiful story behind it.

I’ll prove it:

Meet your new favorite room: the outdoors. The Franklin Outdoor Sectional Collection redefines your outdoor living space. The swirling colors of sunsets, steaming cups of tea, a spellbinding book. There’s nothing quite like the joy you’ll find in your own backyard. With any combination of spacious sectional loveseats, cozy armchairs, and versatile tables, this all-weather wicker furniture enhances life’s most important moments.


Notice how we put in details about hanging out on the furniture. We made it romantic and actionable. The content didn’t concentrate on the look, or even the specifications. The message took aim at illuminating the experience.

Let’s try it again. This time, let’s see what kind of product description we can squeeze out of a moderately priced firepit:

Let fire’s warmth whisk you back to carefree days. Think marshmallows bubbling over an open flame. Or maybe silent star gazing, where crackling wood is the only sound. Well, no matter how you prefer to unwind, the Pearson Fire Pit provides your go-to relaxation destination. Perfect for a poolside evening, or a campfire conversation on your patio, the rustic basket weave design and convenient fire poker keep the flames dancing for hours.


Again, there’s that story. Whoever reads a product description like the one we penned above was 100% ready to buy a firepit. The words served to make the contract that much sweeter.

By now, you might be thinking: “they’re writing product descriptions about porch furniture and fire pits. That’s some pretty sexy stuff. It’s easy to write about an already seductive product.”

Challenge accepted! Let’s try to make a common, humdrum product sexy. How about a bag of peanuts?

You remember that one old school guy—maybe your dad—who put peanuts in his soda? Or how about going to baseball games where you just HAD to get your hands on a bag of boiled legumes? We don’t see that Mayberry stuff much anymore, though if you’re pining for simpler days, then we can give you a brief reprieve from the digital age. Open a pack of Johnson’s peanuts, and let modern troubles melt away.

Mix nostalgia with storytelling, and you have a winning combination.

And here it is, from a birds’-eye view.

Yes, these snippets have far less to do with a product, and much more to do with the experience one has while enjoying it. Yeah, we made the product descriptions up (except for the Peach Dodo), but they’d be pretty effective if you were in the market.

Most customers are well aware that a chair, a fire pit, or a bag of nuts will not change their lives…but it can improve their lives as long as you project the experience of good times.

We’ll call it product storytelling. And we invite you to talk with us about it. Give us a ring: 704-412-8489.

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