How to Perform an SEO Audit


How to Perform an SEO Audit

Is it time for an SEO audit?

Since you’ve landed on this article, you have a vested interest in your website performance. Well, kudos, my friend—you’ve found the right information. When it comes to attracting your ideal market, online visibility is the key factor.

When I say “online visibility,” I’m not talking about the way your website looks. In fact, your website might be the most beautiful entity in the history of the Internet.

But in truth, Google doesn’t give a crap. They’re interested in all the internal mumbo-jumbo that is easy to overlook and tedious to repair.

As you work tirelessly to crank out the most relevant content and create a streamlined user experience, you might miss those few major issues that tarnish your website’s search rankings.

A quality SEO audit will find weaknesses and show you how to re-engineer your website in a way that increases online visibility. You’ll need to look at only three items:

  1. A content overview.
  2. An indexing section audit.
  3. A linking section audit.

SEO Audit: Content Overview

The content overview analyzes all on-site SEO content. To be blunt, this part can be somewhat of a pain in the nether regions, especially if you have clients to satisfy. As you perform the content overview, look for issues with the following website elements:

—URL structure.

—Title tags.


—Meta descriptions.

—Heading tags.

—Relevancy of blog articles, internal landing pages, etc.

—Internal website linking.

—Anchor text.

—Image names, alt tags, and no-follow anchor tags.

If you don’t have time to do that…

Or if you simply don’t want to…

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SEO Audit: Indexing Section

This section addresses SEO indexing issues by analyzing seven main topics, which include:

—The pages you’ve included on your website map.

—The pages you’ve decided to remove from your website map.

—The quality of your redirects.

—The amount of duplicate content that sullies your search rankings.

—Non-working links.

—Proper code validation.

—Your website load time.

Yes, that takes a bit of time. And double yes, you can never have your time back. And triple yes, you might have to sacrifice doing something important to get this part of the SEO audit completed.

Or you can have your SEO audit done here, for free.

SEO Audit: Linking Section

And finally we have the linking section of an SEO audit, which determines key linking related issues to a website. Bee tee dubs, this section also looks into social media mentions, which Google uses as a measuring stick of quality.

The linking section of an SEO audit includes:

—Performing a competitive link comparison.

—Looking at inbound followed links.

—Evaluating linking root domain.

—Checking on authority and trust.

Why It’s So Important to Do This Now

You’re about to receive a ton of messaging surrounding the end of the year. And while much of that information is relevant, the most important New Year update is what Google has in store.

Several new changes are on the horizon. The rise of video, social media outreach, and deep crawl are just a handful of changes that Google will outline in its algorithm update.

And that’s why an SEO audit is your perfect next step before the New Year.

Too time-consuming? Too expensive? You’re in luck…

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