SEO Content for the Green Economy

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SEO Content for the Green Economy 

At Mouse and Man, we have a bit of a soapbox issue regarding SEO content. You know, because it’s really friggin’ important to your online visibility and sustainable growth—offline and online.

SEO standards evolve with the each algorithm update. But Google’s rules also transform in the face of social change. Given that green energy is not only good for the ecosystem and its inhabitants, but also saves working capital, many entrepreneurs are making the transition.


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Here’s why: business owners wield incredible power. Our decisions impact the world, for better or worse.

Why Smart Businesses Transition to the Green Economy

Even if you run a start-up, you’ve already thrust yourself into a leadership role. Not only within your own small operation, but also on the world stage. There is a laundry list of milestones we small business people check off.

We give people jobs. We disrupt marketplaces. And we pump tax dollars into schools, military, and infrastructure. But our decisions bear even greater weight than all that.

The public (ideally) trusts us.

At least, business owners work to earn the public trust. The point is this: power equals responsibility, and your SEO content must reflect your commitments. That’s how you get the people on your side. I hope one of those commitments is a safe environment—e.g. clean drinking water, breathable air, and habitable temperatures.

Factor in the cost savings, and you have a rock solid reason to transition to the green economy. That said…

How Should Your SEO Content Reflect That Mission?

Here’s the thing: you attract a customer base not only with the products you sell, but also with the values you uphold. While most any prospect will see through a thinly veiled ploy, they also know true commitment when they see it.

Your SEO content should reflect that. In the green economy, industry leaders are making a steady transition to more effective means. Even if you don’t work in energy-based industries such as manufacturing, you can still take steps to lessen your carbon footprint.

Energy-saving light bulbs.

Going digital instead of printing documents.

Biking to meetings.

Starting recycling initiatives.

Donating a portion of company funds to eco-friendly institutions.

Really, there is a host of things you can do to save money and the environment.

The question remains: how do you factor all this in to your website’s SEO score?google-green-grass-logo-1431604357

It’s simple: give Google something timely and relevant to chew on. Highlight your eco-friendliness with white papers, press releases, blog articles, etc.

For example, if you’re taking the first steps, let your constituents know about your plans to “go green.” Start with a simple press release. We’ll get you started with a headline:

Company X Plans to Cut Carbon Footprint 62%

It’s sexy enough. And ideally, the headline would speak the truth. But more importantly, Google will give this marketing angle high marks, as the content meets the following SEO criteria:

  • The specifics give the audience real, tangible information.
  • The promise piques curiosity and increases time spent on the page.
  • The content illuminates timely concerns.
  • The piece will educate the audience.

The bottom line is: it’s relevant and fresh. Google gobbles up those attributes.

What’s the Long-Term Game Plan for SEO Content in the Green Economy?

Good question. My advice is, be careful. You don’t want to simply tout a do-gooder status as the crux of your service offerings. Look at it this way: being nice should not include a motive.

On the other hand, you do want people to be aware of your commitment to sustainability. That means publishing but not overly promoting SEO content that pushes your green agenda.

If people see it, let them find it organically. Google will help your endeavors as long as you…

  • Create content that matches what your people are searching for.
  • Help your audience understand something—whether it’s a problem or a skillset.
  • Meet your audience where they are in life—i.e. understanding your customer avatar.
  • Take care of the technical grunt work.

Do you have all your SEO boxes checked? Click here for an SEO diagnostic.

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