Startup Marketing Checklist

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Just finished putting together a todo checklist for marketing a tech startup. Let me know what you think. I set this up as a todo template in basecamp. Hope you can use it. Would love to expand it.

Startup Marketing

Setup – Facebook Page
Setup – Twitter Page
Setup – Linkedin Company Account
Setup – Have founders select Linkedin company
Setup – Attach website blog to linkedin company
Setup – channel
Setup – External blog. Nice name. Just talk about your industry, nothing promotional.
Setup – Citation on wikipedia
Setup – Email Account
Setup/Join – Search Facebook, Google and LinkedIn groups around keyword
Setup – Internal blog @
Setup – Google blog search: “best keywords tool”. Comment on top 50 blogs.
Setup – 20 series email autoresponder
Setup – Google Alerts for at least the following: Your company name, and “industry term”. Try to find a good balance for your industry term so you don’t get flooded with alerts that you simply will start ignoring.
Setup – Google Analytics
Setup – Account on
Setup – Google Webmaster Tools
Setup – Google Analytics Goals
Setup – Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking
Setup – sitemap.xml
Setup – Email marketing
Setup – Live Chat (olark)
Setup – Google “keyword forum” and “keyword message board”. Setup account at 10 sites.
Setup – Website
Setup – robots.txt
Setup – SEO Keyword Research
Setup – Email Signature
Setup – Elevator Pitch. get elevator pitch nailed Competitive or Political Drama – aka “company X releases product Y to kill company Z” 2. Gossip – “CEO of company X gets tangled up in Y” 3. Insight – “trend X will change the world because of A, B, and C” 4. Evolution & Confluence – “service Y is like X for Z, capitalizing on the recent developments of A and B” 5. Success – “company X has created super impressive technology Y, is growing fast, or has made lots of money” 6. Failure – “company X is dying or has messed something up” Pitch a story, not your company or Cancel
Setup – StackExchange
Setup – Online Community (Ning, BuddyPress, Forum)
Setup – Content distribution to all social networks (as possible) and blog and email list (MailToRSS). Individually post others and email to important peeps
Daily – Posting to Google plus
Daily – Tweet to those you respect the most, asking for feedback.
Daily – Post to Facebook Page
Daily – Read RSS feed of new posts. Leave (very) valuable comments and participate in the conversation.
Daily – Connect with someone new
Weekly – Posting/interaction (most of the time your blog) to Hacker News
Weekly – Posting/interaction on Reddit
Weekly – Dive into Google Analytics
Weekly – Posting/interaction on Stumbleupon
Weekly – Posting/interaction on Flickr
Weekly – Posting/interaction on Digg
Weekly – Posting to Craigslist
Weekly – Review Keyword Rankings
Weekly – Twitter Grader search feature to find high-impact twitter users in your industry. Start following them. You want to start forging relationships. Start building your twitter network.
Weekly – Posting/interaction on Quora. Search for ‘best keyword’.
Weekly – Create content
Weekly – Find bloggers writing about my niche. Subscribe to their feed.
Monthly – Post/comment on 50 niche forums/blogs/news sites
Bi-Monthly – Speaking engagements / trade shows
Monthly – Company Video/Audio
Yearly – Post on Springwise
Yearly – Post on Mixergy
Yearly – Post on CNN
Yearly – Post on Wired
Yearly – Post on Gizmodo
Yearly – Post on CNet
Yearly – Post on ReadWriteWeb
Yearly – Post on ZDnet
Yearly – Post on Techcrunch
Yearly – Post on Engagdet
Yearly – Post on Mashable
Yearly – Post on Slashdot
Yearly – Post on Techmeme
Yearly – Post on WSJ
Yearly – Post on New York Times
Yearly – Post on NPR
Yearly – Post on
Yearly – Post on VentureBeat
Yearly – Post on Washington Post
Yearly – Post on AllThingsSD
Yearly – Post on Lifehacker

Big thanks to @shaymus for his post about Startup marketing.

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  • Joji Thumma

    Amazing List. Really good job. I had been searching for one like this for long time.

    • Fred

      Joji – Glad you liked it. Do you use basecamp? Also, just took a look at your site. How did you build it? We built something similar at

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