The Essential Form of Intelligence

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Leonardo da Vinci

When it comes to SEO, online marketing, or website design, no one has really agreed on what constitutes real genius. (Except for a semi-famous beer company, but that’s another conversation.)

It’s true: there’s no definite character sketch for what constitutes the kings and queens of our online world.

Sure, there’s Frank Kern and Seth Godin in the marketing world. Aaron Wall and Rand Fishkin are a few of the more well-known SEO gurus.

But what exactly makes ridiculously successful people so smart in the first place?

It seems as if the genius label happens as an afterthought, mainly because we measure intelligence by results.

That’s fair enough; in a world of uncertainty, most of us business owners like the idea of ROI. I can’t separate myself from the pack here, but I do think we can define genius before we see successful results.

Here’s my point: genius begins with creativity.

As the essential form of intelligence in our world, it’s more important to be creative, intuitive, innovative, and different than it is to be tech-savvy or a coding hotshot.

Not to say that practical skills aren’t applicable, but without imagination to fuel a project, it becomes just labor, instead of something that’s actually enjoyable.

For me, I surround myself with the most creative (and smartest) people I know. And that good company inspires me to provide innovative service and solutions for my clients. Of course, I don’t mean to get all airy-faery on my readers.

It boils down to this: it’s now what you rank for, it’s who you rank for.

In other words, it’s best not to get wrapped up with keywords, back links, and other SEO mumbo-jumbo. Yes, it’s important, but the logistical side of the online visibility process makes entrepreneurs chase their own tail.

That’s why Mouse and Man handles all the grunt work.

If there is a niche out there, then there’s an audience for it. And you find them simply by playing to your strengths, and what makes you unique as a business.

There will always be tedious ins-and-outs about entrepreneurship that you want to avoid like a resurgent swine flu. (Don’t worry, the 2009 pandemic is over and done with.)

The problem here is that so often we get bogged down with the tedious grunt work that we forget to be visionary, innovative, and imaginative.

Yes, creative too.

When we look at our creativity as the rocket thruster of our businesses, that’s when we produce the content, products, and service offerings that make all the drudgery worth it.

Just like anyone else, I worry about the bottom line. I stare down the barrel of deadlines. I’ve got a list of clients to impress.

But I never forget that it’s creativity and innovation that drives business. So now that I’ve given everyone an impromptu pep talk, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how creative/smart people think.

As I see it, there are 3 methods that most geniuses use:

1. Smart people question the status quo.

It seems so tempting to accept things as they are. So often we stall progress simply by labeling something as normal. For business owners, the truly innovative not only question the status quo; they actively seek to change it for the better.

Here’s an example: I recently met an entrepreneur who’d had enough of wastefulness. He changed it by starting an eco-friendly company.

2. Smart people project (and protect) the future.

Imagination is the beginning of creation.” George Bernard Shaw said that, and he won the Nobel Prize, so obviously he’s a pretty smart fellow. As a writer, his work was all about problem-solving, and not just for current problems, but future issues as well.

Think of it this way: to stay one step ahead of the future, you have to be inventive and imaginative. In other words, geniuses project what will happen–good or bad–and do something about it.

3. Smart people simplify the process.

Let’s face it: some things in business are needlessly difficult.

And geniuses turn that trend on its head.

Enough said.

In the comments below, tell me how you define intelligence in your industry?



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