The Not-So-Subtle Art of Small Business Video Marketing

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<alt="video sign" />Your prospects, existing customers, and general audience all digest information in different ways.

The question is: are you sharing information about your products and services with the most audience-centric methods?

Your market is kind of like a classroom, and as a business owner, you’re kind of like a teacher. Some of your students (i.e. prospective customers) are auditory learners; a few are kinesthetic learners; and the rest of them are visual.

When it comes to communication, small business owners are leaving the visual learning style off the table, and they’re missing out.

Take a look at these numbers from various sources in the educational realm:

1. Visual learners make up approximately 65 percent of the population.
2. Auditory learners clock in at around 30 percent.
3. Kinesthetic learners represent the rest at 5 percent.

First things first: the biggest chunk of your customer list understands what you offer through seeing it. The others will get the message through hearing about it verbally (auditory), or actually doing it with a hands-on approach (kinesthetic).

And this, dear readers, is why it’s important for entrepreneurs to learn the not-so-subtle art of small business video marketing.

You know what I’m talking about: you’ve got those cool hand-drawing cartoons that you see all over YouTube…

And you’ve got those other super neat animations.

So, are you missing out on the video marketing fun? No worries, because you’re about to see how to use the video that communicate with those visual learners in your target market.

The About Us Video:

I mentioned audience-centric video marketing above, so how do you talk about yourself with the audience in mind?

The truth is: you don’t.

It’s a really terrible idea to concentrate only on your product and service offerings without the focus put solely on your customer.

Here’s how to beat that scenario: write your About Us marketing video in a way that explains why you started your company—that is, you started your business because you saw a need in the community and set out to solve the problem.

The Why Work with Us Video:

Much different from the About Us Video, the Why Work with Us Video explains how you’re the standout star in your industry. Let’s be honest here: you’ve got to do things a little differently than your colleagues and competition do.

< Rant >

And honestly, that word (competition) makes my stomach do somersaults. The thing about entrepreneurship is that the idea deletes the idea of market saturation. You’ve got a unique skillset, which is why you started a business, which is why the last thing you should worry about is your “competitors.”

< /Rant >

So that said, the Why Work with Us marketing video shines the spotlight on how you partner with people, dedicate yourself to client success, and think outside of the box.

The Explanation Video:

Got a new service/product that you’re about to debut? The Explanation Video will help shed light on what’s new with your business. If your target market varies—or you don’t have a whittled-down customer avatar—this marketing technique highlights the ins-and-outs of a new idea, concept, product, etc.

The thing is: your audience is going to get comfortable if they stay with you for a while. That’s just a fact of the small business life. And when your customers—future and existing—get comfortable with the same marketing communication, you may need to delve into some serious explanation.

For that purpose, there’s no better format than video marketing.

The How-it-Works Video:

Your audience doesn’t only care about the WHAT, they also care about the HOW. Translation: the product or service is what something is, and the How It Works video reveals how it happens.

Let’s say you’ve got this new blender that you’re selling. OK, cool, it makes smoothies, margaritas, and bean dip. But much of your market wants to know how this happens.

So your marketing video needs to center around the whirling blades, and how the blender uses some space age technology to make kale milkshakes in 1.2 seconds.

The Dyson Vacuum people do a good job of this.

Tell me in the comments below: are you doing video? If not, what’s stopping you?

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