Tools to Become a Paperless Business

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There are numerous benefits in becoming a paperless business:
—Faster, more fluid, and more impactful communication.
—Streamlined organization and retrieval.
—A reduced carbon footprint.
—Increased privacy and security.
—Decreased overhead costs.

The question: why would an SEO and inbound marketing company bother to stand on this paperless pedestal?

The answer: we’re all about communication and connection. And that goes for teams, partnered agencies, the clients we serve, and their unique target markets.

It’s not that we hate paper at our office. There is romance in a handwritten note, sure. And our team devours books like it was going out of style. But while most of us love postcards and letters, tedious paperwork slows a business down.

In fact, I bet most people would like to take a crowbar to that money pit of a home printer.

So why is it that so many businesses rely on expensive and less efficient methods of documentation? I don’t know, but I have a few ideas on how to rectify the issue.

How to Make The Paperless Transition

If you don’t want to do what the video above suggests, you can simply put the printer out to pasture and go digital. But to do that, you need the right tools. It just so happens that we have a few recommendations.

Use File-Sync and File-Sharing Programs.

Google Drive, DropBox, iFolder, OneSync, and Office 365 are all easy-to-use tools that make expensive, tree-killing printers obsolete.

Note that file-sharing also makes it much easier to share ideas and collaborate with agencies that are not in your area. This also allows you to employ people who don’t live in your city, which helps you to find top talent that meshes with your business mission.

Sign Documents Digitally.

Use Adobe Acrobat to sign documents. These tools also enable you to be more personal with email correspondence. In other words, you can stick your John Hancock at the end of your email marketing messages to increase brand awareness.

Place Payment Information in a Digital Wallet.

You can keep payment cards for all vendors and software subscriptions in one digital storage locker. Lemon Wallet was a good tool that enabled you to dole out payments without hunting for your credit card. Sadly that one’s defunct, but Shoeboxed lets you easily scan receipts and keep track of expenses.

Does this help you go paperless? Yes. The practice cuts down on the number of invoices you have to deal with.

Create a PDF Operations Guides.

Do you have an office Bible? I’m not talking about the Gideon’s Bible you find in hotel room drawers. I’m talking about an operations guide that gives the ins and outs of…

—Style guides.
—Daily responsibilities.
—Document locations.
—General procedures.
—Contact information.
—Vendor contacts.
—Partner/agency details.
—Client facts.

Well, that operations guide is not carved in the Tablets on Sinai. In fact, that information must change in order for your business to remain in a perpetual forward motion.

Creating a digital version enables you to continue your growth, save money, and keep trees in tact.

Why Share All This Information?

Just to reiterate, we are in the business of creating streamlined growth—no matter if that’s in regard to search optimization, connecting with your client base, of finding the most motivated leads.

Believe it or not, going paperless will help you in these pursuits. And we love you just that much.

Share your favorite tools in the comments below!

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