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jeepstroller[1] So, I was walking back into my house last week after going to the grocery. I take the garage door opener with me just because it’s faster than fumbling with the keys. I pull into the garage with our fancy Jeep jogging stroller (see right) loaded with groceries. We were way over the 10 lbs carrying limit for the undercarriage part of the jogger. Anyrate, close the garage door down and hear a horrible sound when the door was about halfway down, then the door slams to the ground. My first thought, “That sounds expensive.” And yes it was…but the point of this post is to show you how my world has changed by utilizing Twitter today than what it used to have been.

In the past, I would have gone to the yellow pages (remember those big fat books with a bunch of yellow pages in them) and looked for the “best” local garage door company. I would have evaluated the best based on:

  1. Size of ad
  2. If it was a color ad or not

Using these two factors I would try and quickly get the number for a reputable company but not too expensive. Probably close to the the 3rd largest color ad.

However, this is what I did do and here are the results. Here is an accurate depiction of the next 3 hours and 59 minutes of April 14, 2009.

9:42 AM – Garage door dies (well it was actually the coils but whatever…the door didn’t go up when I hit the little button)

9:54 AM – I send out my tweet distress call to one of my SEO friends who I thought had a local garage door client:

@DavidKyle Did you say you have a garage door client. If so, send me the info. I’m locked in my house w/ a broken garage door.“

9:58 AM – David direct messages me back saying he doesn’t have that client anymore but referrs me to another company

9:59 AM – @NC_SEO chimes in (b/c he follows me and sees that I’m in harms way): “@FredSexton your garage door has a safety pull. it’s a small rope that hangs from the top. Pull it own, and open your garage“

10:06 AM – I tweet: “@NC_SEO I pushed and pulled on all those ropes. Nothing moving though. Thanks anywyas.“

10:08 AM – @NC_SEO quickly replies: “@FredSexton you have to pull the rope so it gets off the track. you can ONLY open the door manually when you unhooked them off the tracks“

10:14 AM – I tweet and send out my official mayday call: “Trapped in Charlotte: Talked with local garage door company (thanks @davidkyle). I’ve got a broken spring, so there’s no way to open it“. So, I’m stuck (or at least I think that I am).

10:16 AM – @NC_SEO takes a friendly jab at my manhood: “@FredSexton 2nd requirement….you have to be strong  “

10:20 AM – I call the comany @DavidKyle recommended. They send someone immediately. They’ll be here in about 1.5 hours. I think, “Wow, that’s really fast.” It usually takes me a week and a half to get a new client meeting setup.

Somewhere around 10:30 AM – @NC_SEO calls me and walks me through how to open the garage door so I could just get out. With little Ellie in my arms I try to pry the door open but can’t get it. @NC_SEO ensures that I can do but just need to give it a good heeve-hoo. Anyrate, I couldn’t get it open but was very appreciative of the phone call.

1:41 PM – I happily tweet: “Trapped in Charlotte Finale: So, I am a big wimp. Repair guy opened door in 5 secs. Fixed it 2 hrs. Thanks 4 help @NC_SEOand @davidkyle.“

The point of this story is, I love twitter for doing all kinds of non related twitter things such as:

  • Keeping track of my friends and seeing if they are in trouble (and enemies if I had any…working on this though)
  • Asking dumb questions…even questions about how to fix my broken garage
  • Learning how much of a wimp that I am
  • Seeing how nice and forthcoming people are to help a brother out when he’s down and trapped in his garage
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