Why Your Customers Hit the Unlike Button

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You’ve got fans! You want more fans. So why does it seem people keep “unliking” your page? Getting a lot of fans to your Facebook fanpage can make you feel really awesome for awhile but what happens if you cannot keep them? What do you do when you log in to Twitter to find you are down even more followers than yesterday?

The Unlike ButtonIf people are unliking, unfollowing or disconnecting from your networks, there’s probably a very good reason why. First, know that some people just like and follow because they want you to reciprocate. If you don’t (or sometimes even if you do), they will move on to find someone else to pull the same trick on.

As for these people… just let them go. It’s like the girlfriend who sleeps with your best friend. Do you really want her? Nope, didn’t think so.

However, these users just looking for a “return of the like love” are not the only ones who are hitting the dislike button in many cases. When you’re dropping numbers in a big way, then you know it’s because you’re doing something wrong and it’s time to act fast before you lose them all!

The problem is, most people don’t know how to pinpoint what they’re doing wrong or how to fix it.

The good news is there are some very common reasons for customers to hit the dislike button and once you hear them, you’ll probably be sitting there shaking your head because you know you’re guilty. So hang on to your hats and let’s take a journey down a path called “Things you should not do on social media.”

Reasons why your customers hit the dislike button:

You Post Too Much

Posting Too MuchWe like you but seriously, we do not need to hear from you every minute of the day. Flooding your followers with comments, posts and status updates too frequently will cause them to mentally mark you as spam. It works the same way our eyes tend to automatically ignore most Internet ads these days. Internet users come with a sort of built-in spam filter and if your posts are boring, overly promotional, and posted too often, they’re going to get placed in the “visual spam” department. Do it often enough and the user is going to take the time to hit that unlike button and remove you from their feed forever.

The Solution: So how do you fix this problem? Take note of how often you post and remember that it’s about quality, not quantity. There is no magic number on how many times in a day (month, week, hour) you should post- just post when you have something interesting or useful to say. Don’t post at all unless you have something great to share. If you cannot think of anything awesome to say at least once per day, you need to do some more research into your market and your industry. There’s got to be something you can add to the conversation on a daily basis. On the other end as your post volume increases be sure to monitor numbers of people dropping off. Might not be a bad idea to survey a couple of them and ask them why they unliked you.

You Got Them There by Bribing Them

Another common reason why fans/friends/connections leave is that they no longer have the incentive to stay. Think for a moment about how you got all of those likes in the first place. Did you buy them? Run a contest? Trade likes for likes? If you used any of these methods to bring in the fans, then there is a good chance they will dip out on you when there is no longer an incentive to stay. Hey, this isn’t college anymore so unless you plan on paying people to be your friend forever you best start coming up with some useful incentive. Maybe ask them what they want then give that to them for starters?

The Solution: You need to give the fans/followers something useful to make them want to stay. What point is there in them being a fan of your page anyway? Do you offer certain tips or advice to fans only? Do you have a tab or fan gateway that allows only those who like the page to see certain content? Are you providing solid, useful information on a regular basis to make the fans want to stay? If you got them by bribing them, you’re going to need to give them a darned good reason to stick around or they’ll move on to the next fanpage with a shiny prize up for grabs.

Your Posts are Boring/Annoying/Stupid

social networkingLet’s face it- no one wants to admit it but some of us are just like “that guy” at the party. The one who no one really likes but the nice girls smile and nod at your summer camp story until they can make a clean getaway without looking like snobs. Fans might be unliking your page because your posts just suck. If you’re boring, annoying or just plain stupid, people are going to notice and they’re going to blow you off. Maybe you looked cool at first but then you opened your mouth and put your foot in it and now she’s leaving for that other cool-looking dude in the corner faster than you can say “Really, I was just kidding!”

The Solution: Make better posts. Ok, it sounds simple enough but how do you do it? Well, you can use the news, media, and current trends to your advantage. When you don’t always have something brilliant to say, you can share current events or news in your niche. Additionally, you need to get to know your community. What do they want to hear about? What do they want to talk about? If you don’t know, ask. Get them involved and they will stick around.

You Have No Personality

Well, this one really goes hand in hand with the last reason why your customers are hitting the unlike button but the truth of the matter is, if you have no personality or if you don’t allow your personality to shine through in your posts, people are going to grow tired of you/your brand.

The Solution: Let your personality shine. Don’t be afraid to be witty, funny, silly or goofy. Be unique. Be real. Be you…who else could you be? Allow your personality to carry the brand rather than sounding like some paid advertising spot. Social media is about… being social! To truly connect with your fans, you must be personable. They will see this and they will reciprocate and this is how you build true fans who won’t leave you for the next sexy fanpage promising a good time.

So there you go- what tips do you have for keeping your loyal fans and reducing the numbers that hit that dreaded unlike button?

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